Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beauty Wishlist

  Haven't blogged in a while which i kinda got caught up in a bunch of stuff including work ...sorry for that ...

but i wanted to make a beauty wishlist real quick for you ladie's that i plan to buy real soon.

Cream Blush (Heartbreaker)

Never really tried cream blushes before 
so i definitely wanna give it a shot.

Elf Cream Blush (Tease)

Again another cream blush color I'm interested in trying.

 Makeup Forever HD Foundation  
Heard great review's about this foundation, 
and i been looking for something to keep my face from breaking out an look flawless!

  Tarte Cosmetic's  True Blood Palette
Very pretty color's i usually go for in a palette,
I'm interested to see how pigmented and fun mix matching i can do with it.